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Temporary €100 discount!
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Scrum | Agile | DDD training

practice-oriented & given by
experienced trainers 

IT Works

Agile and Scrum
in practice

Have you already taken one or more Scrum or Agile courses, or have you obtained your PSM 1 certificate, but do you find it difficult to put the theory into practice? Or do you want directly applicable tips on how to achieve results faster? Don't keep asking questions, but register for our Next Level Works training courses. IT WORKS! 

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Unique practice-oriented approach

Our experienced trainers have a lot of experience with Scrum and Agile working at various companies and organizations. They bring practical tips and tools from their own experience. In this way, they help you increase the agility of your team and organization.  

"We do not provide standard training from the book.

We provide training based on proven results from practice." 

After following our training, you can immediately start working with new energy the next day.

Featured training sessions
As an agile professional, register for an open training or opt for an in company custom package.

"I now give the training that I would have liked to have followed as a Scrum Master!"

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